17 April 2007 Flight Status Brief

(From Bob Wells FAAM BAE Operations Manager)

Flight B283 on Monday was very successful. Both the 146 and the WB57 enjoyed clear-sky conditions and positioned under a pass of the AQUA satellite near the ARM ground observatory in Oklahoma.
(The flight track of the WB57 can be found at http://flightaware.com/live/flight/NASA926)

A refuelling stop at Oklahoma City went smoothly.

When performing the pre-flight checks, discovered one of the broadband radiometers full of water. Fortunately he was able to fit a spare sensor for the flight. During the flight the TWC instrument gave an error indication but later, apparently, resumed normal service. The optical discs which record data on the HORACE system gave several problems and are apparently showing the signs of senile dementia.

The ground team spent most of the day planning a METOP Pass flight for Tuesday but, late in the day, the flight was cancelled because of the weather forecast (cloud, rain and thunderstorms). Tuesday will therefore be a down day.

(From Allen Larar - WB-57 Scientist)

We appear to have had a
successful flight Monday (20070416), and have canceled the
flight planned for today due to heavy weather likely
over the OK/CART site region.

We had clear sky conditions for our tracks in OK today, and
had both aircraft at or near the CART site during the
Aqua overpass, with nominal instrument operations reported.

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