Flight Status Update

Current status (from Allen Larar):

Today (16 Apr). Flight scheduled over CART site, coordinating
with Aqua 1952 GMT overpass. BAE 146 will be flying low-level
runs, ascents/descents, and following a high-altitude s-n line
at time of overpass (CART site ~ center of line). WB-57 takeoff
around 1220 (local) and will be flying at high-altitude same
line with time/space coordination with BAE 146 at overpass
time. Around 30 mins after overpass, a/c will leave the target
area; BAE 146 will RTB while WB-57 will run a line to achieve
clear sky over GOM prior to descent into HOU.

Tues (17 Apr). Flight plan over OK region (a large box with
CART toward eastern side, and Metop sub-satellite toward western
side). Metop overpass is 1636 GMT. This will focus on sampling
a varying clouded environment. We will monitor weather and
IASI scan mode changes and re-consider this flight later.

Wed (18 Apr). Two scenarios under consideration: day flight
catching Metop & Aqua over CART site region, vs night flight
aiming at Metop alone over clear-sky GOM. Decision expected
Tues AM regarding desired option.

Thurs (19 Apr). Night flight over OK to catch both Metop & Aqua

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