23 June 1998 -- Fires in Florida

GOES-8 visible

GOES-8 visible image

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GOES-8 3.9 micron IR

GOES-8 3.9um shortwave IR

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- Interactive visible and shortwave IR comparison -

The GOES-8 visible and 3.9 micron shortwave IR imagery above shows that fires were burning in the same regions of Florida on 23 June as was seen during the preceeding day. Hourly images from the GOES-8 Sounder 3.75 micron IR band indicates that hot spots from the large fires in the eastern Florida panhandle region persisted through the overnight hours, while the fires in northeastern Florida appreared to subside somewhat. During the day on 23 June smoke plumes from the northeastern Florida fires began to drift eastward, until the arrival of the afternoon sea breeze forced the smoke plumes back toward the west.

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