DLESE 2004 Annual Meeting


The strand format provides an opportunity for participants to become familiar with issues of interest, with DLESE resources, and to engage themselves in future development of DLESE as it evolves to the premier teaching and learning tool for Earth System Education of the 21st century. Meeting participants will attend a strand that focuses on areas of interest based on preferences expressed during registration. If you did not express such a preference, you have been assigned to a strand.

Defining and Developing a Quality and Comprehensive Collection

Strand 1

Enabling question: How can an educator/school/district use DLESE to create or supplement curricula?
Lead: Randy Sachter, Nederland Middle/Senior High School

Strand 2

Enabling question: How do we assess quality for visualizations, models, data and other data-related resources?
Lead: Michelle Hall, Science Education Solutions

Strand 3

Enabling question: How can we strengthen and expand the formal review process? How do we increase participation of the community?
Leads: Annette DeCharon, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences; Don Elthon, University of Houston

Strand 4

Enabling question: How can the community better leverage and facilitate collaborations? How do we link data providers, tools creators and curriculum developers through the library?
Lead: Diane Schweizer, NASA

Reaching New Users through Outreach Materials, Library Resources and Services

Strand 5

Enabling question: How can we better train and engage pre-service teachers to use DLESE?
Lead: Russanne (Rusty) Low, University of Minnesota

Strand 6

Enabling question: How can we better train and engage in-service teachers?
Lead: Albert Lewandowski, Port Huron Area Public Schools

Strand 7

Enabling question: How can we encourage scientific researchers to contribute to DLESE?
Lead: Richard Clark, Millersville University

Strand 8

Enabling questions: How should DLESE include contributions from education researchers and the broader education community? What is the place for education research within DLESE?
Lead: Jill Singer, Buffalo State College

Making Effective Use Of Library Resources And Services

Strand 9

Enabling question: How can we better assess the effective use of DLESE resources used by teachers and learners in the K-12 education community?
Lead: Frank Ireton, SSAI and NESTA

Strand 10

Enabling question: How can we better assess the effective use of DLESE resources used by teachers and learners in the undergraduate and informal education community?
Lead: Cathryn Manduca, Carleton College

Enhancing the Diversity of DLESE

Strand 11

Enabling question: How can educators and developers use DLESE to best meet the needs of diverse learners? How does the DLESE collection and system currently reflect the needs of diverse users and educators and what strategic partnerships should be developed to enhance the diversity of DLESE?
Leads: Dawn Adams, Tapestry; Frank Hall, University of New Orleans; Sharon Locke, University of Southern Maine

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