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Lesson 2

Energy and Climate

Earth's climate is driven by the energy it receives from the sun and how this energy interacts with the physical and biological aspects of the planet. This lesson looks at methods of energy transfer, how energy from the sun interacts with Earth, and satellite missions that measure Earth's Energy Budget.

In this lesson you will learn:
1) Methods of Energy Transfer
2) The Global Energy Budget
3) Global Energy Measurements

Time Requirement
This lesson should take around 1 hour.

Science Standards covered in this lesson (click to show)
National Standards:
Science Content: U Unifying Concept and Processes
Science Content: B Physical Science
Science Content: D Earth and Space Science
Science Content: E Science and Technology
AP Environmental Science Topics
Energy conversion
Earth is one interconnected system
AP Human Geography Topics
Use and think about maps and spatial data
Wisconsin Common Core Standards:
Science A Science Connections
Science D Physical Science
Science E Earth and Space Science
Science G Science Applications