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Lesson 14

Global Projections for Regional Climate Change

Human systems have developed during an unusually stable period in Earth’s climate history. Interconnected food, energy, transportation, and socioeconomic systems are vulnerable to climate changes, some places more than others, largely due to economic reasons. While most locations are projected to experience an overall warming in the atmosphere due increases in human-produced greenhouse gases, some places will warm less than average while a few locations experience regionalized cooling.
This lesson expounds upon IPCC projections for each continent and a few specific regions around the world.

In this lesson you will learn:
1) Impacts expected in specific regions and continents

Time Requirement
This lesson should take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Science Standards covered in this lesson (click to show)
National Standards:
• Geography: Environment and Society
• Science Content: F Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
AP Environmental Science Topics:
• Humans alter natural systems
• Environmental problems have a cultural and social context
• Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems
AP Human Geography Topics:
• Characterize and analyze changing interconnections among places
Wisconsin Common Core Standards:
• Science E – Earth and Space Science
• Science H – Science in Personal and Social Perspectives