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Lesson 7

Human Influences on Climate

In human history, climate has influenced civilization in profound ways, playing an integral role in whether societies survive, thrive, or fail. In the past century, human activities began to influence the global climate. The vast majority of scientists are in agreement that recent climate change is very likely due to human activities.  

In this lesson you will learn about :
1) Rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide(CO2), methane(CH4) and nitrous oxide(N2O)
2) Why cement production is mentioned specifically in the IPCC report
3) How deforestation and cattle farming challenge the climate system

Time Requirement
This lesson should around 1 hour.

Science Standards covered in this lesson (click to show)
National Standards:
Geography: Environment and Society
Science Content: U Unifying Concept and Processes
AP Environmental Science Topics:
Energy conversion
Earth is one interconnected system
Humans alter natural systems
Wisconsin Common Core Standards:
Science E Earth and Space Science
Science H Science in Personal and Social Perspectives