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Regional 1 km CLAVR-x Products and Images

This page demonstrates some of the information contained within the standard pixel-level HDF output files from the CLAVR-x system.    The goal of this page is to provide visual diagnostics of the performance of the CLAVR-x system.  

How to view these results.

  1. Click on one the above links.
  2. Click on a data-set name link
  3. An AniS Java applet will open.  It has the following controls AniS menu
  4. Move to the next image by pressing the ">" button
  5. Move to the previous image by pressing the "<" button
  6. Each block represents an image. Images can be turned off or on by clicking on the appropriate block
  7. With the cursor in the image, left click zooms in, right click zooms out.  
  8. Drag the cursor to move within the image when zoomed in.

Description of Images

The following images are shown for each orbit.  Image 1 corresponds to the block on the left.
  1. Land + Snow/Ice Mask (for visual reference)
  2. False Color (red=R1, green = R2, blue T4 reversed)
  3. False Color (red=R1, green = R3a/b ref, blue = T4 reversed)
  4. False Color (red=T4-T5,green = T3b-T5, blue T4 reversed)
  5. Cloud Type
  6. SST
  7. Cloud Top Height
  8. Cloud Emissivity
  9. Cloud Optical Depth (day time only)
  10. Cloud Particle Size (day time only)

Access to the Data
The data files used to make these images are available here.