Welcome to the PATMOS-x (Pathfinder Atmospheres - Extended) website. The purpose of this site is to provide resources to access PATMOS-x data products, documentation and results from validation and scientific studies. PATMOS-x includes a full suite of cloud and atmospheric products derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution (AVHRR) sensor flown on polar orbiting weather satellites beginning in the late 70's and continuing through present day. PATMOS-x was developed at NOAA/NESDIS/STAR in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin - Madison CIMSS (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies).


The entire PATMOS-x/AVHRR record is available at the NOAA's climate data record archive and is updated daily. CIMSS also hosts a climate data portal that can do spatial and variable subsetting for smaller data requests. While the AVHRR record is considered the official PATMOS-x cloud climate product, there are PATMOS-x products produced from other sensors (e.g. GOES, MODIS, VIIRS) that may also be available at the CDP.


Access figures and statistics from long term monitoring of the PATMOS-x record.


Access single scene comparisons of cloud products produced from collocated NOAA-19/AVHRR, AQUA/MODIS and Suomi NPP/VIIRS observations.


Access results from inter-sensor AVHRR calibration.


Several technical documents are available describing the PATMOS-x products as well as the retrieval algorithms used. A list of publications featuring the PATMOS-x product is also available as well as the preferred method of citing PATMOS-x data products when used.


Questions about PATMOS-x? Contact us.