This website is developed and maintained by CIMSS Sounding Team:
Team leaders: Jun Li, Tim Schmit (NOAA)
Team members: Jinlong Li, Zhenglong Li, Pei Wang, Yong-Keun Lee

The system is based on GSI for data assimilation and WRF for forecast. Data assimilated include both conventional and satellite observations. Satellite data include AMSUA (N15, N18, N19, metop-a, aqua), ATMS (Suomi-NPP), HIRS4 (N19, metop-a), AIRS (aqua), IASI (metop-a), CrIS (JPSS), and MHS (N18, N19, metop-a).

Funding is provided by JPSS, GOES-R, JCSDA through the cooperative agreement between NOAA and UW-Madion.

Supercomputing is conducted at NOAA/NESDIS-funded Supercomputer for Satellite Simulations and Data Assimilation Studies (S4) located at UW-Madison's Space Science Engineering Center (SSEC).

If you have any question about this website, please contact Jinlong Li.

Disclaimer: This forecast is experimental and research based. It is only for the general viewing purpose. Users should take their own responsibility for using this.

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