Cloud Identification


Low Level Clouds - III

Stratus (Layer Clouds)

The other common type of low cloud is called a stratus cloud. These are wide flat clouds that frequently stretch from horizon to horizon. Stratus clouds are usually uniform and featureless, appearing gray or dullish white rather than blue.

Stratus clouds commonly form when warmer, moist air is advected (pushed by the winds) into a block of colder air and is forced up over cooler, dense air until the moistures condenses out to form a thick blanket of clouds.

Stratus clouds - ground view Stratus clouds - visible satellite image Stratus clouds - infrared satellite image
Stratus clouds from below Visible satellite image
using reflected light
IR satellite image
measures thermal energy

Identify Stratus Clouds in Satellite Images

The first satellite image is a visible image using reflected light, the second satellite image is an IR image that measures thermal energy.

hands-on activityUse your mouse or finger and slide across the image to fade between the different images.