Integrated Sensor Training (IST)
Professional Development Series (PDS) Meeting

The IST / PDS kick-off meeting was held at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorlogical Satellite Studies on 11-12 August 1998. An outline of the proposed IST PDS was drafted by the attendees:

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IST/PDS Meeting Attendees

Name Organization Telephone E-mail
Bachmeier, Scott UW/CIMSS/VISIT 608.263.3434
Beckman, Sam NWS Training Center 816.374.6325 x238
Burgess, Don OSO/OSF/OTB 405.366.6560 x4276
Eilts, Mike NSSL 405.366.0414
Hermes, Laurie NWS ERH/SSD 516.244.0143
Hillger, Don CSU/CIRA/RAMMT 970.491.8498
Hufford, Gary NWS AR/SSD 907.271.3886
Lamos, Joe COMET 303.497.8465
Livingston, Dick NWS CRH/SSD 816.426.5672 x300
Magsig, Mike OSF/OTB 405.366.6560 x4268
Menzel, Paul NESDIS/CIMSS 608.264.5325
Mooney, Margaret NWS MKE 608.251.7670
Mosher, Fred NCEP/AWC 816.426.3367 x261
Mostek, Tony NWS OM/COMET/VISIT 303.497.8490
Motta, Brian CSU/CIRA/VISIT 970.491.8366
Schlatter, Tom NOAA FSL 303.497.6938
Schrab, Kevin NWS WRH/SSD 801.524.5131
Spayd, Leroy NWS HQ/OM21 301.713.1970 x194
Wade, Gary UW/CIMSS/NESDIS 608.264.5325
Waters, Ken NWS SRH/SSD 817.978.2671
Whittaker, Tom UW/SSEC 608.262.2759
Winston, Karen CSU/CIRA/OTB/VISIT 405.366.6560 x4328

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