Community Satellite Processing Package

  Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) Cloud Mask and Active Fires Software Version 1.0 Release

8 February 2013

First CSPP software that enables Suomi NPP direct broadcast users to create,
  • VIIRS Cloud Mask (IIMCO*.h5) and
  • VIIRS Active Fires (AVAFO*.h5)
Environmental Data Record (EDR) products. The EDR software matches the version running in NOAA IDPS operations (Mx6.5).

The VIIRS Cloud Mask and Active Fires algorithms are designed to work with the VIIRS version 1.3 SDR algorithms. They are *not* designed to work with earlier versions of the VIIRS SDR products (e.g., CSPP VIIRS SDR v1.2).

The CSPP software for Suomi NPP is based on the Algorithm Development Library (ADL) developed by Raytheon and the JPSS project. This means that the CSPP software is the same software that runs in the operational processing facility at NOAA/NESDIS. SSEC has packaged the software to run from the Linux command line in real-time direct broadcast mode, but we have not changed the underlying processing software, algorithms, or data formats. The output files from the CSPP SDR processing software are identical in naming, format, and structure to the corresponding files from NOAA/NESDIS. The native format for NPP SDR products is HDF5, and descriptions of the NPP file formats are available here (see the Common Data Format Control Books).