Community Satellite Processing Package

University of Wisconsin-Madison CrIS, AIRS and IASI Hyperspectral Retrieval Software Version 1.1 Release

29 April 2013

     Update to the hyperspectral sounding software that retrieves vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and moisture, as well as cloud and surface properties from these hyperspectral instruments:
  • Suomi NPP Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS),
  • Aqua Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), and
  • MetOP Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI).
Changes to the package include:
  • Minor changes to the source code:
    • Removed 'libutils.a' in "make_uw_hsrtv" (under 'all').
    • Changed Software Version to 'CSPP_HS_RTV_V1.1' in "mod_common.f90".
    • Reading IASI radiance quality flag in "main_uw_hsrtv.f90".
    • Updated bad radiance check in "main_uw_hsrtv.f90".
    • Added tropospheric lapse rate correction to cloud top determination in "get_final_retrieval.f90".
    • Renamed effective cloud emissivity 'ctdr' to 'cemiss' in "get_final_retrieval.f90".
  • Updated ShellB3 package (which is used to read IASI native format): redundant codes have been removed, radiance quality flag (GQisQualFlag) is added to binary outputs. Replaced 'metahoard.iasi.fbf' with 'polar2grid.iasi.iasi2fbf' in "run_HSRTV.scr".
  • Corrected "get_anc_gdas_gfs.csh": removed line 'set gfs_date=`dateplus.exe -1 $modis_date | cut -c3-8`'.
  • Updated "DualRegression_Retrievals.txt" (in doc/): included description of how 3-dim IASI and CrIS input data is resampled to 2-dim output data; included note on AIRS popping channel issue.
  • IASI output file names changed to IASI_d<DATE>_t<START_TIME>_<METOP>.atm_prof_rtv.h5, where <METOP> refers to M01 (Metop-B) and M02 (Metop-A) (see "run_HSRTV.scr").
NOTE: The coefficient files that are distributed with the release in a separate tar file (CSPP_UW_HSRTV_coeffs_v1.0.tar.gz) have not been updated. This release uses the version 1.0 coefficient files.

The dual-regression retrieval algorithm was developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center for use with ultraspectral instruments. The software uses input native format files and produces HDF5 output files containing these arrays at single field-of-view resolution:

  • atmospheric temperature [K] at 101 pressure levels
  • atmospheric moisture [g/kg] at 101 pressure levels
  • atmospheric ozone [ppmv] at 101 pressure levels
  • atmospheric relative humidity [%] at 101 pressure levels
  • atmospheric dew point temperature [K] at 101 pressure levels
  • surface skin temperature [K]
  • surface emissivity at instrument spectral resolution [cm-1] (under clear conditions only)
  • total precipitable water (vertically integrated from 100 hPa to surface) [cm]
  • precipitable water 1 (vertically integrated from 900 hPa to surface) [cm]
  • precipitable water 2 (vertically integrated from 700 to 900 hPa) [cm]
  • precipitable water 3 (vertically integrated from 300 to 700 hPa) [cm]
  • total ozone amount (vertically integrated) [dobson units]
  • lifted index [deg celsius]
  • convective available potential energy [J/kg]
  • CO2 amount [ppmv]
  • cloud top pressure 1 [hPa]
  • cloud top temperature 1 [K]
  • cloud optical thickness
  • cloud mask (values: 0 clear, 1 cloud)

Instructions on downloading and installing the software as well as documentation and references describing the algorithm are included as part of the release.

The software is supported on 64 bit linux platforms.