Community Satellite Processing Package

  Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) Polar2grid Reprojection Software Version 1.0 Release

22 February 2013

First CSPP software release that enables Suomi NPP users to create:
  • High Resolution VIIRS GeoTIFF files for all SDR bands, including the Day/Night Band, and
  • Gridded VIIRS NetCDF-3 files for a selection of SDR bands suitable for display in the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS I and II), the US National Weather Service (NWS) Visualization and Analysis Tool.
The software uses standard CSPP or IDPS Science Data Records (SDRs) as input, and allows the user a selection of projections or grids to use for the remapping. The default GeoTIFF projection is the WGS 84/Plate Carrée coordinate system. The execution takes place using simple bash shell scripts, with the user specifying a directory containing the SDR files, or the files themselves. If more than one contiguous granule is provided, it will create an aggregated image or grid.

Software, execution scripts and documentation are included with the release.