Community Satellite Processing Package

  VIIRS Imagery Environmental Data Records (EDRs) Software Version 1.1 Release

21 March 2014

CSPP software package for transforming direct broadcast Suomi-NPP Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Science Data Record (SDR) intermediate files into reprojected Imagery Environmental Data Record (EDR) products on Intel Linux computers. The Imagery EDR products are remapped into a Mercator projection relative to the satellite (Ground Track Mercator (GTM) projection). This reprojection removes the bow-tie effect and also maintains constant horizontal resolution in the cross-track and along-track directions.

VIIRS Science Data Record (SDR) Binary Large OBject (BLOB) and matching .asc files are required input to the CSPP Imagery EDR software. These are intermediate files created as part of the CSPP SDR processing. By default, these files are deleted upon successful CSPP SDR completion; users must execute the CSPP SDR software using the "-e" option ( -e) in order for the intermediate files to be retained.

Output Imagery EDR products are:
  • VIIRS I-Bands 1,2,3,4,5 radiances and reflectances or brightness temperatures,
  • VIIRS M-Bands 1,4,9,14,15,16 radiances and reflectances or brightness temperatures,
  • VIIRS Near Constant Contrast (NCC) albedo created from the VIIRS Day/Night Band,
  • and matching Geolocation files.
System requirements are:
  • Intel or AMD CPU with 64-bit instruction support,
  • 16 GB RAM (minimum),
  • CentOS 6 64-bit Linux (or other compatible 64-bit Linux distribution.