19 April 2007 Flight Status

From Allen Larar NAST-I Scientist

We are flying a mission tonight over the OK CART site region, coordinated
with the Metop 0335 GMT (19 Apr) overpass. RTB between 1-2 AM expected.

I will be leaving town for a few days; outlook for the next several
days is as follows:

19 Apr (Thurs) 7:15 PM (local) takeoff (night flight; Metop; GOM)

20 Apr (Fri) no flight
21 Apr (Sat) down day
22 Apr (Sun) down day

23 Apr (Mon) possible day *or* night flight (night most likely)
24 Apr (Tue) possible day *or* night flight (night most likely)

25 Apr (Wed) no flight
26 Apr (Thu) no flight

27 Apr (Fri) day flight
28 Apr (Sat) possible day *or* night flight
29 Apr (Sun) day flight

From Bob Wells FAAM BAE Flight Operations Manager

Flight B284 took off into the setting sun and was joined by the NASA WB57 for a very successful sortie with clear skies over the Oklahoma ARM site and under the METOP satellite.

Another night flight (i.e. no SWS or video cameras!) has been planned for Thursday night - Friday morning with two refuelling stops in New Orleans. This will observe the METOP pass over the Gulf of Mexico.

Saturday has been declared a hard down day and there will be no flying on Sunday.

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