The IMAPP project has ended. This website will remain active, but will no longer be updated or maintained.

International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package

 MODIS Level 2 v2.0 release

   MODIS Level 2 software has been updated and completely repackaged to run as a series of executables called from one script.  It should be noted that the original IMAPP MODIS L1B files cannot be used with the automated scripts for this release. You must use the SeaDAS modisl1db output HDF L1B direct broadcast files or the DAAC HDF MODIS L1B files as input.

The list of changes include:

  • Binaries are now distributed which support most linux platforms.  Source code is also still distributed.
  • One script now runs all of the algorithms in line.  This includes flatfile extractions, ancillary data identification and fetching, cloud mask (MOD35), cloud top properties and cloud phase (MOD06CT), atmospheric profiles (MOD07), aerosols (MOD04), sea surface temperatures and near-infrared water vapor software packages.
  • All algorithms have been updated to Collect 5 (with the exception of the MOD06 (Cloud Top Properties) which runs 5.2 operationally.)
  • Environmental variables are set prior to code execution which point to code source, code binaries and shell scripts.
  • Ancillary data is acquired automatically.  The required data for each product can be automatically determined and downloaded from the IMAPP ancillary data ftp site.  A new detailed document describing the IMAPP dynamic ancillary data is distributed with this new release.
  • User can choose either binary,  HDF  or both types of output formats. 
  • All IDL software required to convert from binary to HDF has been removed. 
  • Software to automatically create quick look product images, which is based on McIDAS-Lite,  is included with this release, however this software cannot be redistributed or repackaged without authorization from SSEC (please contact the McIDAS Help Desk) .  Sample product images that were created by this imaging software using the automated script included with the release can be viewed from this ftp site.
  • Users are now required to fill out a simple registration form prior to downloading the IMAPP software. A download web page will appear after registration has been completed.
    By repackaging the MODIS Level 2 product software, we hope to remove the confusion that existed over the numerous individual packages that were previously released, some of which were dependent on each other.    It is our hope that you will find this package much easier to install and use.  Many thanks to the SeaDAS team and to DRL for their help and influence.
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