VIIRS Imagery and Products in D-2D

Instructions for AWIPS Installation

Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Released September 21, 2012
Version 1.1 (February 14, 2014)

Project members:  Scott Bachmeier, Jordan Gerth, Kathy Strabala, William Straka III


The 0.865 µm I2 band configuration is included in version 1.1.

This data is provided as part of the GOES-R Proving Ground. For assistance and suggestions on obtaining and using the data, please contact Jordan Gerth.

Acquiring Data at a NWSFO

This page contains information for obtaining data from the NOAA satellites equipped with a Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) for display in AWIPS.

For VIIRS imagery and products

Data is currently available to Weather Forecast Offices in Central Region, Eastern Region, Pacific Region, Southern Region, Western Region, and Alaska Region. Data is transmitted in compressed netCDF format on the EXP feed of the Local Data Manager (LDM). This is not an operational dataset, so unplanned data errors and outages may result. Contact Jordan Gerth once you are receiving data so we can add your office to the e-mail announcement list. We value any feedback.

The Space Science and Engineering Center is not continuously staffed. Consequently, data outages and processing issues may result. The products should be considered non-operational.

Required LDAD/Processing Configurations

Perform the following actions to configure your Local Data Acquisition and Dissemination (LDAD) server.

As ldad on ls2:

In /usr/local/ldm/etc as ldm on ls2:

Last updated February 14, 2014