CRAS GRIB2 Model Output in D-2D

Instructions for AWIPS Installation

Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Released July 7, 2010
Version 1.0 (July 7, 2010)

Project members:  Robert Aune (NESDIS/NOAA), Jordan Gerth, Scott Lindstrom


This model output is provided as part of the GOES-R Proving Ground. For assistance and suggestions on obtaining and using the model output, please contact Jordan Gerth.

This model output has been undergoing evaluation at the National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan since 2008.

In addition to AWIPS, this model output and a short archive is also available online:

Acquiring CRAS Model Output at a NWSFO

Data is currently available to Weather Forecast Offices in Central Region, Eastern Region, Southern Region, Western Region, and Alaska Region (with separate configuration). We are unable to supply this to Pacific Region WFOs at this time. Output is transmitted in GRIB2 format on the EXP feed of the Local Data Manager (LDM). This is not an operational dataset, so unplanned output erros may result. Contact Jordan Gerth once you are receiving data so we can add your office to the e-mail announcement list. We value any feedback.

The Space Science and Engineering Center is not continuously staffed. Consequently, data outages and processing issues may result. This product should be considered non-operational.

Required LDAD Configurations

Perform the following actions to configure your Local Data Acquisition and Dissemination (LDAD) server.

In /data/fxa/LDAD/data as user ldad on server px2:

In /awips/ldad/bin as ldad on px2:

In /usr/local/ldm/etc as ldm on ls2:

A zip file of these is available.

Required AWIPS Customizations

Perform the following actions to configure your Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) workstations/servers.

Based on instructions.txt, use the two Perl scripts included with color table manipulation package manage-ct.tgz to extract the color tables from the included file and add into /data/fxa/workFiles/ You may wish to use a these color tables as the default enhancement for the synthetic satellite imagery which will be added via gridImageStyle.rules below.

In $FXA_CUSTOM_FILES as fxa (should be mounted on any workstation/server):

Optional but recommended — You may also wish to append "CRAS45" to activeGridSources.txt

In $FXA_HOME/data as fxa on dx3 (runs Grib2Decoder):

If grib2Models.txt exists in $FXA_CUSTOM_FILES, you will have to reconcile it with the default in $FXA_HOME/data prior to localization.

A zip file of these is available.

When complete with the changes, run '$FXA_LOCALIZATION_SCRIPTS/mainScript.csh f -tables -grids -dirs' on dx3, then '$FXA_LOCALIZATION_SCRIPTS/mainScript.csh f -tables -grids' on all lx and na workstations. Restart Grib2Decoder when finished (kill the pid found via "ps -ef"). If you experience a problem displaying the data, you may also need to run each of the mainScript.csh commands with the "-clipSups" argument.

Execute 'grep -i cras45 $FXA_LOCALIZATION_ROOT/$FXA_INGEST_SITE/gridNetcdfKeys.txt' and use the key to set a purge limit in $FXA_CUSTOM_FILES/localPurgeInfo.txt. We recommend '|||1- | 2', but please realize that each model run (2x daily) will consume around 360 MB of disk space (actual bandwidth is less), so please audit your disk with a 'df' command ahead of time. Perform a '-purge' localization on dx1 and dx2, then restart the purgeProcess on dx1.

As fxa on dx1, restart the notificationServer to complete.

Restart D-2D on the lx/na workstations to access the new products in the volume browser.

Optional IFPS/GFE Customizations

Perform the following actions to configure your Interactive Forecast Preparation System (IFPS) and Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE).

In /awips/GFESuite/primary/etc/SITE as user ifps on dx2:

A zip file of these is available.

In /awips/GFESuite/primary/bin as user ifps on dx2:

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Last updated September 2, 2010