13 February 1999 -- GOES-8 Visible
Snow Streaks Resulting From Convective Snow Squalls Over the Midwest

(this 15-image Java animation sequence will take a minute or two to load...)

(- Animation -)

This loop of GOES-8 visible imagery shows snow streaks on the ground that resulted from the convective snow squalls that developed over parts of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin on 12 February 1999. The snow features remain stationary (or shrink inward as melting occurs), while cloud features move rapidly from image to image.

Note that there are 3 main orientations to these snow streaks. The SW to NE streaks across central Iowa occured on 11 February behind a cold frontal system; the streaks that curve from W to E occured during the morning of 12 February; the NW to SE streaks occured during the evening hours of 12 February.

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