07 May 1998 -- Smoke From Canadian Fires

This 5-image Java applet will take a minute or two to load...

Hold any mouse button down as you move the cursor across the large GOES-8 visible image; the smaller windows below show the corresponding GOES-8 3.9, 6.7, 10.7, and 12.0 micron IR images. In the visible image, the elevated smoke appears hazy and casts a shadow against the tops of the stratiform cloud deck and bare ground below it. The narrow smoke feature is evident in the 6.7 micron IR (water vapor) image, but not in any of the other shortwave or longwave IR images (although there is a slight hint of cooler 10.7 um brightness temperatures along the smoke axis over cloud-free portions of South Dakota).

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker (SSEC / CIMSS)

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