26 February 1998 -- Solar Eclipse Shadow

GOES-8 visible image

GOES-8 visible

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GOES-8 3.9um IR image

GOES-8 3.9um IR

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GOES-8 10.7um IR image

GOES-8 10.7um IR

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The shadow from a solar eclipse moved northeastward across parts of South America on 26 February 1998. The GOES-8 images above show visible, 3.9 micron shortwave IR, and 10.7 micron longwave IR as the shadow crossed the coast of Venezuela around 18:15 UTC. A short loop of 1-km visible images is also available.

Note the diagonal yellow line on each of the images above; distance vs. brightness temperature plots along this line are shown below for both the 3.9 micron and 10.7 micron IR channels. These plots reveal several points about the brightness temperatures observed in this region where 90% of the sun was eclipsed:

Distance vs Temperature plot - IR2

Distance vs. Temperature Plot
3.9um IR

Distance vs Temperature plot - IR4

Distance vs. Temperature Plot
10.7um IR

Other solar eclipse shadow imagery:

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