12-13 January 1998 -- GOES-8 3.9 Micron (Shortwave IR)
Arctic Cold Front Moves South Across Texas Panhandle Region

(- Animation -)

Surface temperatures (red) drop from the 60's and 70's F ahead of the cold front down to 30's and 40's F behind the front. Toward the end of the loop, the region of light winds ahead of the front actually radiates heat faster and becomes cooler than the well-mixed region of higher winds directly behind the front (see the 01:45 UTC image in west-central Texas, where it's 46 F and 47 F ahead of the front, and 49 F behind).

Surface reports (yellow) of fog and freezing drizzle are seen along the Texas/New Mexico border, where the upslope component of the surface wind is most pronounced. Also note the dark "hot spots" that are visible due to fires in the Texas panhandle (prior to the advance of the stratus cloud deck from the north).

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