06 June 2002 | GOES-11 Fog/Stratus Product

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC

This animation of the GOES-11 fog/stratus product shows the evolution of the offshore fog and stratus (yellow enhancement) during the pre-dawn hours on 06 June 2002. Cyclonic flow within an intesifying Catalina Eddy circulation was acting to advect the northwestern edge of the marine stratus back toward the south. Surface reports of fog (3 cyan horizontal lines) are also plotted on the imagery.

A region of hot spots (black to red enhanced pixels) was associated with a 10,000 acre wildfire which was burning in the Los Padres National Forest.

There is a "false fog/stratus signal" over much of the inland areas, since the emissivity of the desert surfaces results in infrared brightness temperature differences similar to those associated with fog/stratus.

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