28 April 2002 | GOES-08 Visible Channel

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC

The La Plata, Maryland (located at the red asterisk *) F5 tornado was observed between approximately 23:03 and 23:10 UTC (7:03 PM to 7:10 PM Eastern time). This animation of GOES-8 visible channel data covers the period 19:02 UTC to 23:45 UTC (3:02 PM to 7:45 PM Eastern time), with imagery at 5-10 minute intervals due to the satellite being placed into Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) mode. (Note: the surface report overlay for Ft. Belvoir, VA [KDAA] has been intentionally erased from 22:10-23:15 UTC, to allow a better view of the overshooting top storm structure)

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