09 August 2000 | GOES-11 Visible/Water Vapor Image Fader

Hold the left mouse button down as you drag the slider above the image (or use the arrow buttons) to fade between the GOES-11 visible channel and the corresponding GOES-11 6.7 micrometer IR ("water vapor") image at 14:55 UTC on 09 August 2000. To zoom, click on the "Zoom" button, and then click the "hand" cursor on the image where you want to center the zoom.

Note the northern edge of the smoke on the visible channel, oriented W-E across central Iowa into northern Illinois. On the water vapor image, an elongated feature of cooler brightness temperatures (lighter gray enhancement) is located farther north, and oriented NW-SE across the region where the 10-15 dBZ radar reflectivity features were detected on regional radars.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC

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