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4th NOAA Hyperspectral Workshop

August 17-19, 2004, Madison WI


Tuesday Afternoon 17 August 2004


1300-1310            Welcome                                                                                                 Steve Ackerman, CIMSS

1310-1320            Introductory Remarks/Logistics/Agenda                                             T. Schmit, NOAA NESDIS
                                                                                                                                                & Ed Howard, NOAA

1320-1330            NOAA’s needs for hyper-spectral imaging and sounding               T. Schmit, NOAA NESDIS           


 Issues of hyperspectral data in relationship to Radiative Transfer (RT)

 1345-1400            IR RT (recent updates)                                                                         Larrabee Strow, UMBC

1400-1415            RT of clouds                                                                                           T. Greenwald, CIMSS

1445-1515            Vis/NearIR RT                                           Mike Griffin MIT/LL  &  A. Heidinger, NOAA NESDIS


 Applications of hyperspectral data

 1515-1545            Atmosphere Summary + discussion                                                Allen Huang, CIMSS

1545-1615            Climate  + discussion                                                                         Hsiao-hua Burke, MIT/LL

1615-1645            Tropical Applications                                                                          M. DeMaria, NOAA/NESDIS

1645-1700            Temporal/spectral/spatial                                                                  J. Purdom, CIRA                                                                                                             (movies) 

Wednesday 18 August 2004

 Instrument Options

0830-0845            What is HES?                                                  Monica Coakley, MIT/LL

0845-0900            Grating                                                              Richard Baron, JPL

0900-0915            Interferometer                                                   Hank Revercomb, SSEC

 Applications (Continued from Tuesday)

 0930-1000            NWP + discussion                                                            Ralph Petersen, CIMSS

1015-1045            Land Summary            + discussion                                 Bob Knuteson, CIMSS

1045-1115            Ocean Summary + discussion                                         Nick Nalli, QSS Group Inc.

1115-1145            Clouds/Aerosols Summary + discussion                        Steve Ackerman, CIMSS

1145-1215            Trace gases + discussion                                                 Larrabee Strow, UMBC

  1315-1530            Split into Working Groups:  Land&ocean  Atmosphere&clouds  Climate&trace gases

                                    What does Hyperspectral add over broadband imagers?  

Thursday 19 August 2004

 System Strategies

0845-0900            HES/ABI synergy                                                                                 T. Schmit, NOAA 


0930-0945            Application Analysis Tools / AHABS Demonstration                       Mike Griffin MIT/LL

0945-1000            Next generation McIDAS (V)                                                               Tom Whittaker, SSEC

1015-1030            Application Analysis Tools / “HYDRA”                                                Kevin Baggett, CIMSS

1030-1045            VNIR/SWIR compression results                                                         Su May Hsu, MIT LL

1045-1100            Compression Techniques: HES IR Sounder                                      B. Huang/CIMSS

1100-1115            Compression Techniques: IR Sounder                                               W. Blackwell/MIT LL

 End of workshop

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Final Working Agenda (Updated 16 August 2004) - PDF
Final Working Agenda (Updated 16 August 2004) - HTML