MODIS 0.86um Out-of-Band v. In-Band

This page compares the MODIS 0.86um channel Out-of-Band and the In-Band response.  The out-of-band response is taken from 1% and lower values.  Below is a plot of the response functions along with a difference images and a histogram.

Above is a ratio image of the Out-of-Band to the In-Band.

Above is a histogram of the ratio of the MODIS 0.86um Out-of-Band response to In-Band response.  The maximum ratio value is 0.0044 and the minimum ratio value is 3.0e-6 (very few pixels from river).

Above is a difference image between the Out-Band + In-band and the In-Band.

Above is a histogram of the Out-Band + In-Band minus In-Band image.

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