São Paulo 2007


Day 1

Overview of Workshop (Allen Huang)

Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals I (Tim Schmit & Allen Huang)

  • Visible: RGB, Radiance and Reflectance
  • Near Infrared: Absorption
  • Infrared: Radiance and Brightness Temperature

Multispectral Imager and Sounder Measurement Information Content (Kathy Strabala)

  • MODIS Measurement Principals and Cloud Masking (PPT) (PDF)
  • True Color (PPT) (PDF)

Day 2

Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals II (Tim Schmit & Allen Huang)

  • Visible and Near Infrared: Land/Ocean
  • Planck Function
  • Infrared: Thermal Sensitivity

MODIS Atmosphere, Land & Marine Products (PPT) (PDF)(Kathy Strabala)

  • Cloud Phase
  • Atmospheric Profiles
  • Fire Detection
  • Vegetation Index
  • Sea Surface Temperature

Overview of MODIS Products (MS Word) (PDF)(Kathy Strabala)

Direct Broadcast (DB) CIMSS Regional Assimilation System (CRAS) (Allen Huang)

  • Assimilation of MODIS products in CRAS

Day 3

Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals III (Allen Huang & Tim Schmit)

Overview of the NOAA Geo Program (Gary Wade)

SSEC Remote Sensing Expertise (Allen Huang) (PDF)

  • SSEC Instrumentation, Field Experiment, Validation and Analytical Sciences

Introduction to GOES-10 (Tim Schmit & Gary Wade)

Day 4

Review of Remote Sensing Fundamentals IV (Allen Huang & Tim Schmit)

Review of GOES-10 Sounder I (Tim Schmit)

  • Instrument Overview

Review of GOES-10 Sounder II (Gary Wade)

  • Products/Applications/Case Study(s)

Day 5

CPTEC Lecture I

  • Land Surface Temperature (NOAA, MSG) (Dr. Leonardo Peres)
  • Fire (Dr. Alberto Setzer)
  • Sea Surface Temperature (NOAA, MSG) (Dr. Milton Kampel)
  • Nowcasting/Precipitation (Dr. Luiz Machado)

CPTEC Lecture II

  • GOES-10/sounding (Dr. Rodrigo Souza)
  • Cloud Classification (Dr. Juan Ceballos)

Future Systems/Capabilities/Opportunities/Plans (Tim Schmit & Allen Huang)

Workshop Review and Conclusion (Hosts & Lecturers)