Community Satellite Processing Package

  CSPP Polar2grid Reprojection Software Version 2.2.1 Release

27 April 2018

The CSPP Polar2Grid Software was created to enable Polar Orbiter Satellite Instrument users (for example, VIIRS, AVHRR and MODIS), including the US National Weather Service (NWS), the capability to easily create high quality reprojected imagery. NOAA JPSS has funded this effort to create an open-source, modular application system in support of direct broadcast users. This bundled solution automates tools for converting satellite data including Suomi-NPP and NOAA20 VIIRS into a variety of output formats, including GeoTIFFs, AWIPS compatible NetCDF files, NinJo forecasting workstation compatible GeoTIFF images, as well as binary and HDF5.

In addition to traditional visible, infrared and microwave imagery, the software provides the capability to easily create sharpened true color and sharpened false color images.

What is new in Version 2.2.1:

This minor version update includes the following bug fixes:
  • Fix the true and false color Corrected REFLectance (CREFL) reader problem when negative reflectances are present.
  • Fix true and false color ratio sharpening calculating bad ratios for dark or invalid regions.
  • Change the VIIRS and MODIS false color image creation process to use the green band for sharpening.
  • Fix AMSR2 L1B scaling for PNG creation (amsr2_png.ini).
  • Fix NinJo writer not using backend config command line option.
A reminder to the improvements included in Polar2Grid Version 2.2 follows.

What is new in Version 2.2:

  • Support for both S-NPP and NOAA20 VIIRS Sensor Data Records (SDRs).
  • A new AWIPS NetCDF "scmi" writer has been added that provides a more efficient way of doing full resolution reprojections.
  • Support for CSPP NOAA/STAR Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) sea surface temperature products.
  • Added new grid definitions for 300m, 750m and 1km AWIPS SCMI tiled sectors LCC, Polar, Mercator, and Pacific.
  • Added support for the CSPP NOAA/STAR Clouds from AVHRR Extended (CLAVR-x) products.
  • Added a new VIIRS Day/Night Band nighttime enhancement option (hncc_dnb), following the algorithm developed by Stephan Zinke of EUMETSAT. See the installation guide document for more information.
In addition, Please Note that the original Polar2Grid bash shell script executions "reader|writer".bash are being phased out and replaced by a more general script implementation: "reader" "writer" . In the future, only the latter implementation will be supported.

Features of Polar2Grid
  • The software is modular, robust and efficient.
  • Execution is performed through simple bash shell scripts, wrapping python underlying modules. For example, to create GeoTIFF files of Suomi-NPP VIIRS SDR I-Bands 1 and 5 using the default Platte Carrée (Google Earth) projection, you can execute a command like this: viirs gtiff -p i01 i05 -f << Path to SDR files >>
  • True color and False color reprojections can be created using a single command.
  • If more than one contiguous granule is provided as input, an aggregated output image file will be created.
  • Users can define their own grids. A grid definition helper script is included with the package.
  • Proj4 grid definitions can be used.
  • The Polar2Grid open source software code repository is also available through github at:

Software, execution scripts and documentation are included with the release.