Community Satellite Processing Package

  Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP), NOAA-20 and NOAA-21 Sensor Data Record (SDR) Software Version 4.0

27 April 2023

A new CSPP SDR software release supporting the calibration and geolocation of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS), Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) and the Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Nadir Mapper (NP) and Nadir Profiler (NP) instruments onboard the JPSS Suomi-NPP, NOAA-20 and NOAA-21 satellites from input Raw Data Records (RDRs). The software is designed to support RDRs acquired via direct broadcast but can also ingest NOAA CLASS archived files as well.

What is new in CSPP SDR Version 4.0:

  • NOAA-21 satellite support added.
  • Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Nadir Profiler and Nadir Mapper support added.
  • Updated code base: Block 2.3 Mx7 (ADL 5.3_I2.3.07.00).
  • Optional installation script available.
  • New Look-Up-Table (LUT) external distribution site:
  • http downloads are now the default. Previous versions used https.
  • CrIS Normal Spectral Resolution (NSR) output is no longer supported. CrIS Full Spectral Resolution (FSR) is now the default and only output.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CSPP Environmental Data Record (EDR) software (Active Fires, ACSPO, ASCI, Land Surface Reflectance, Flood Detection, HEAP NUCAPS and MiRS) products created from NOAA-21 SDR inputs are yet to be approved by NOAA.

The CSPP SDR Version 4.0 Software Supports Unique Features:

  • Optional multi-core processing to reduce wait times while the SDR data are created (supported for VIIRS, CrIS, ATMS and OMPS),
  • Optional aggregation and compression of SDR output files,
  • Automated download of required ancillary data at runtime, plus offline scripted downloads,
  • Offline scripted downloads of calibration lookup tables (LUTS),
  • Filtering of incomplete spacecraft diary and science arrays in RDRs based upon standard sizes, ensuring accurate calibration/geolocation.

System requirements for CSPP SDR Version 4.0:

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with 8 cores (minimum);
  • 32 GB RAM (minimum), plus an additional 4GB of RAM for every core that is used for CSPP VIIRS SDR processing;
  • CentOS 7.9 64-bit Linux (the software has also been tested on Rocky Linux 8.7);
  • 100 GB disk space (minimum);
  • Internet connection (for downloading ancillary data).
Note: For routine real-time processing of SNPP, NOAA-20, and NOAA-21 HRD, a Linux server running Rocky Linux 8 with 64 cores, 256 GB RAM, and 8 TB hard drive space is recommended.

The CSPP SDR software package is based on the Algorithm Development Library (ADL) software developed by Raytheon for the JPSS Project. ADL allows the operational processing algorithms for Suomi-NPP, NOAA-20 and NOAA-21 to run without modification in a Linux environment. SSEC has packaged the ADL versions of the algorithms so they can run from the Linux command line in real-time direct broadcast mode, but we have not changed the underlying processing software, algorithms, or data formats. The output files from the CSPP SDR processing software are identical in naming, format, and structure to the corresponding files from NOAA/NESDIS. The native format for the SDR products is HDF5, and descriptions of the S-NPP/NOAA-20/NOAA-21 file formats are available here (see the JPSS Common Data Format Control Book).

Software, documentation and test data for this CSPP SDR Version 4.0 release are available for download following the link below.