Community Satellite Processing Package

  CSPP GCOM-W1 AMSR-2 Algorithm Software Package (GAASP) Version 1.0.2 Release

8 May 2023

Patch to the CSPP software package that supports Level 2 products created from the Global Change Observation Mission-Water (GCOM-W1) AMSR2 instrument. The GCOM-W1 AMSR2 Algorithm Software Package (GAASP) was developed by NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, and is designed to create Level 2 science products from input AMSR2 Level 1B and Level 1R inputs. This patch fixes a problem that occurs when running the CSPP GAASP Precipitation Component.

The GAASP was rolled out at NOAA in two phases defined by Day 1 and Day 2 product sets. Day 1 products were available starting in November 2015 and consist of (1) bias-corrected Microwave Brightness Temperatures (MBT), (2) Precipitation (land and ocean rain rates), and (3) the following Ocean EDRs: GHR Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Sea Surface Winds (SSW), Total Precipitable Water (TPW), and Cloud Liquid Water (CLW). Day 2 products were available September 27, 2016 and consist of the following land/ocean surface EDRs: Soil Moisture, Surface Type, Snow Cover, Snow Depth, Snow Water Equivalent, and Sea Ice.

CSPP GAASP (NOAA version v2r2) has been adapted to run in a near real-time environment by providing a convenient command-line interface allowing the generation of one or more of the Day 1 and Day 2 products, for single or multiple SDR input files. CSPP-GAASP includes binary executable files, wrapper scripts and supporting static data files. Ingest and staging of any required dynamic ancillary data is handled automatically by CSPP-GAASP. A separate test data package can be downloaded for verifying a successful installation.

For more information on NOAA/NESDIS/STAR GAASP, please visit this website:

What is New in CSPP GAASP Version 1.0.2?
  • A replacement ancillary python file ( has been created that fetches the Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) files from the CSPP ancillary data distribution site. The original file pointed to an external website which is no longer supported. The CSPP GAASP precipitation component will fail if this update is not applied. Users can do a complete new installation by following the installation instructions available from the CSPP software download site, or overlay the patch on top of their current CSPP GAASP Version 1.0.1 installation.

GAASP Output Products for each Software Component
  • Preprocessor:
    • Applies bias corrections and assigns an RFI flag to input L1B files.
  • Ocean
    • Sea Surface Temperatures, Sea Surface Winds, Cloud Liquid Water, Total Precipitable Water.
  • Precipitation:
    • Convective Precipitation, Surface Rain Rate.
  • Soil Moisture:
    • Land Cover Type, Soil Moisture.
  • Snow:
    • Snow Cover, Snow Depth.
  • Sea Ice:
    • Bootstrap Ice Concentration, NASA Team 2 (NT2) Ice Concentration, NASA Team 2 Multiyear Ice, NT2 minus Bootstrap, Range of Ice Concentration.
  • Postprocessor:
    • Converts the GAASP-*.h5 output files described above to CF-compliant NetCDF4.
System Requirements for CSPP GAASP v1.0.x Software
  • Intel or AMD CPU with 64-bit instruction support,
  • 16 GB RAM,
  • CentOS-6 64-bit Linux (or other compatible 64-bit Linux distribution),
  • 25 GB of disk space (plus space for your own DB data and CSPP GAASP products).
Supported Satellite and Sensor
  • GCOM-W1 AMSR-2 Level-1B and Level-1R inputs.
  • Example filenames:
    • GW1AM2_202003052342_180A_L1DLBTBR_2220220.h5
    • GW1AM2_202003052342_180A_L1DLRTBR_2220220.h5

CSPP GAASP Software, test data and installation instructions are all available at the CSPP download site.