Outreach Activities

The AERIBAGO regularly participates in public education and outreach activities. If you are interested in involving us and the AERIBAGO in your education and outreach event, please contact Jen O'Leary or Wayne Feltz.

Past outreach activities

Every once in awhile, the ‘bago needs to take a break from its complicated scientific tasks and show off for a bit. Over the last few years, it has found itself involved in various outreach activities, including a press day in Oklahoma, a place at the Whys and Wows kickoff event for UW-Madison’s Science Expeditions, and a trip to the Wisconsin State Fair for UW at the Fair Day.

In 2002, the AERIBAGO wound up in Oklahoma to provide support for the 2002 International H20 Program (IHOP). SSEC contributed to the program’s news day on May 13 with a news release about their participation.

Back in Madison on April 5 of 2003, the AERIbago hung out in front of the UW’s College of Engineering for UW-Madison’s Science Expeditions 2003 kick-off event “Whys and Wows.” Posted on the ‘bago, a MODIS image of Iraq taken April 2 piqued visitors interest and elicited many comments.

More recently, the ‘bago made an appearance at the Wisconsin State Fair’s UW at the Fair Day on August 6, 2004. Fair-goers could tour the AERIBAGO with John Short and learn about AERI science from Shaima Nasiri, a PhD candidate in the UW’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and Robert Knuteson, a scientist with SSEC. The ‘bago had a chance to show off by measuring the air directly above State Fair Park. In between these activities, it made time for a photo-op with UW-Madison’s mascot, Bucky Badger.

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