Approximate Syllabus for AOS 100/101 (Fall 2003)
This syllabus is approximate in the sense that it will vary depending on the interests of the class.

Week 1

(Sept. 2-4)

Atmospheric Composition 


Meteorological variables

Week 2

(Sept. 9-11)

Energy Cycle:

Conduction, convection, advection, radiation, latent heat

Week 3

(Sept. 16-18)

Energy Cycle continued


Week 4

(Sept. 23-26)

Temperature continued

Water in the Atmosphere

Week 5

(Sep. 30 Oct 2)

Water in the Atmosphere
Week 6

(Oct. 7-9)

Water in the Atmosphere

Test #1

Week 7

(Oct. 14-16)

Observing the Atmosphere/Atmospheric Optics
Week 8

(Oct. 21-23)

Observing the Atmosphere/Forces and Wind
Week 9

(Oct 28 -Oct 30)

Forces and Wind/Global Scale Winds 
Week 10

(Nov. 4-6)

El Nino and Hurricanes; Air mass and fronts

Test #2

Week 11

(Nov. 11-13)

Extratropical Cyclones and Anticyclones

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Week 12

(Nov 18-20)

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Last week for getting extra credit projects approved

Week 13

(Nov. 25)

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Week 14

(Dec. 2-3)

Weather Forecasting
Week 15

(Dec. 9-11)

Human Influences on Climate

Extra credit projects due


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