An introduction to radiative transfer and remote sensing.

This course introduces you to the physics of radiative transfer and  remote sensing. Emphasis is on application.  My intent is to make you familiar with the concepts of radiative transport and not to make you an expert in the field. We will discuss scattering absorption and emission of radiation, focusing on radiation energy budgets and remote sensing of the atmosphere using observations from different satellites. 

To learn radiative transfer theory and how to apply it to problems requires hands-on experience. To help you experiment with the equations we will be using MATLAB. We will teach you how to use  MATLAB. The intent is not to become an expert in MATLAB, but rather to learn the basics tools to solve simple, and some not-so-simple, problems. Thus, in addition to learning the concepts of radiative transfer, you will learn how to use programming to solve problems and explore concepts. You will find this skill useful in other classes as well as this one!

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