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Satellite-based Nowcasting and Aviation Program


  • Convective Initiation

    This project seeks to develop real-time automated products that can aid in thunderstorm monitoring and nowcasting.

  • Turbulence

    Dynamic instability due to tropopause folding is one cause of Clear Air Turbulence. This is an effort to which uses the GOES midwave infrared (water vapor) channel to build a near real-time satellite product that estimates areas of tropopause folding in regions of strong humidity gradients.

  • Observation Validation

    Resarch involving validation of remotely sensed observations. These include atmospheric, dynamic and thermodynamic properties in three primary areas: aircraft in-situ measurements, satellite-derived winds, and satellite-derived cloud products.

  • Enhanced-V

    This research focuses on the development of an objective satellite-based enhanced-V anvil thermal couplet (ATC) signature detection product. The enhanced-V ATC product will be evaluated at the 2010 SPC Spring Experiment via the GOES-R Proving Ground.

  • Overshooting Tops

    A research effort involving the development of an objective overshooting convective cloud top detection program for evaluation by the Experimental Forecast and Warning Programs (EFP and EWP).