Satellite-based Nowcasting and Aviation Program


CloudSat OT: 9 May 2008 at 2317 UTC
Figure 1:  (top) A CloudSat overpass of a deep convective cloud with an OT over the South Pacific on 9 May 2008 at 2317 UTC.  The OT location is identified on the image.  (middle) The MODIS IRW BT and WV-IRW BTD at 2315 UTC for pixels along the CloudSat overpass.  A positive WV-IRW BTD value would produce a significant number of false OT detections.   (bottom-left) The IRW-texture OT detection field (in red) plotted atop 250 meter MODIS visible channel imagery.  The location of the Cloudsat-observed OT is labeled on the image.  (bottom-middle) 250 meter MODIS visible channel imagery without OT detections, showing the lumpy texture typically associated with OTs in visible channel imagery for all IRW-texture detections.  (bottom-right) MODIS 10.7 micron IR window channel imagery.  The white diagonal line in the bottom panels shows the location of the CloudSat overpass shown in the top and middle panels.
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