03 August 2007 - GOES-12/GOES-13 Visible and 3.9 Micrometer IR Channel Images
Wildfire Burning in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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This animation of GOES-12 (upper 2 panels) and GOES-13 (lower 2 panels) visible channel and 3.9 micrometer IR images shows a smoke plume (drifting southeastward) and "hot spots" (black IR pixels) associated with a large wildfire burning in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan on 03 August 2007. Note the improvement in image navigation and regisration (INR) that is evident with the GOES-13 satellite: the coastline features and the fire hot spots remain fairly steady from image to image, compared to the GOES-12 images which exhibit a good deal of "wobble" in the animation.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC