30 July 2007 - GOES-13/GOES-12 Visible Channel Images
Ice Floes in Hudson Bay, Canada

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This animation of GOES-13 and GOES-12 visible channel images shows several small ice floes that were moving slowly west/northwestward across the southern portion of Hudson Bay, Canada on 30 July 2007. These ice floes (steered by cold water eddies that were present across southern parts of Hudson Bay) were moving in the opposite direction of the low-level clouds, which were being advected southeastward on this day. Note the improved image navigation and registration (INR) that is evident with the GOES-13 satellite: the coastline and island features remain fairly steady from image to image, in contrast with the GOES-12 images which exhibit a good deal of "wobble" in the animation.

Using McIDAS, we tracked the speed of 2 different ice floe features on the GOES-13 imagery: one of the fastest-moving ice floes was seen to have a speed of about 1.8 kilometers per hour, while most of the other ice floes seemed to be moving more slowly at a speed of around 0.5 kilometers per hour.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC