31 December 2006 - MODIS Visible and Near-IR Images

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The MODIS visible images on the left show extensive snow cover across much of central and western Nebraska; cloudiness also covers a good deal of eastern Nebraska on these images. The 2.1 micrometer "Band 7 Snow/Ice" images on the right reveal two separate areas of significant ice-covered ground across central and southcentral Nebraska: on the first image (17:28 UTC), a long "dark swath" (oriented SW-NE) is evident across much of snow-covered central Nebraska; the northern portion of this "dark swath" gets covered up by a supercooled cloud deck on the second image (19:09 UTC). Ice is a strong absorber at the 2.1 micrometer wavelength, and exhibits a pronounced "dark signal" on these images. However, this particular long swath of icing occurred about 10 days earlier, when another intense winter storm affected that region. Also evident on the second image (19:09 UTC, as the clouds clear along the NE/KS border) is another "dark signature" south of Kearney NE (KEAR) -- this is due to the more recent heavy glazing of freezing rain that occurred on 29-31 December.

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