Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies


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    AOS (UW-Madison)
    CIMSS is pleased to be able to offer research and outreach opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS). With an academic advisor in AOS and a science advisor in CIMSS, graduate students work directly with CIMSS research teams, giving them valuable experience for their future careers. In addition to playing a role in research activities, undergraduate students also have the opportunity to assist in outreach activities, from open houses to workshops to science camps.
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    CoRP (NOAA)
    CIMSS is one of five Cooperative Institutes within the Cooperative Research Program (CoRP), a program managed by NESDIS' Center for Satellite Applications and Research. Bringing together federal goverment and university scientists, CoRP focuses its research efforts on remote sensing of the environment -- to create improved satellite products and to help NOAA meet its strategic goals.
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    Advanced Satellite Products Branch (ASPB)
    Part of CoRP, the ASPB consists of federal goverment scientists located at CIMSS who collaborate with CIMSS scientists on research areas of interest to NOAA. This partnership provides NOAA with a strong link to the university research environment -- to explore new concepts and applications through robust weather and water research with the goal of improving our understanding of the Earth-atmosphere system and of creating improved products that can be used by the National Weather Service (NWS); in turn the NWS will be able to provide more timely and accurate weather predictions to save lives and mitigate property loss.
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    NWS (National Weather Service) - Milwaukee/Sullivan Office
    CIMSS has partnered with the NWS-Milwaukee/Sullivan Office in order to not only better understand what forecasters need and what tools can help them do their job but also to highlight to forecasters how products from weather satellites can prove useful. CIMSS and the NWS are dedicated to ensuring that research advances result in improvements in forecasting operations.