Cooperative Institute for
Meteorological Satellite Studies


The CIMSS logos below are available for download and reproduction. Please contact the CIMSS Webmaster if you have any questions about how and when to use the logos.

Note: The graphic examples displayed on this page are for visual reference only; they are not suitable for use in print.

Usage Recommendations:

  • For web sites, use PNG or SVG. NOTE: SVG glow effect is currently not supported by browsers
  • For PowerPoint, use PNG or PDF (for web versions).
  • For printing newsletters, stationery, and small-scale publications, use PDF or PNG.
  • For printing banners, posters and large-scale materials, use EPS for best results.
  • Use the logo with outer glow if you are using it on a dark background.

To download and save a logo:

Right-click the desired format and size and select “Save Link As” (or "Save Linked File As" or "Download Linked File As" depending on your browser) to save the logo to your computer.

For Web (RGB) For Print (CMYK)
CIMSS logo for web index CIMSS logo for web on dark background CIMSS logo for print on light background CIMSS logo for print on dark background
Multi-color Multi-color with outer glow to use on dark background   Multi-color
Mulit-color with outer glow to use on dark background
SVG SVG glow not supported   EPS EPS