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Passive Sensing Microwave Workshop Proceedings/Summary
Silver Spring, MD, USA
1-2 May 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Frank Eng and I are pleased to provide the attached summary (PDF) of the recently held third passive microwave workshop in Silver Spring, Maryland USA, dedicated to Guy Rochard (METEO France) who was the preeminent leader in the establishment and protection of radio spectrum for passive sensors employed by the Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS).

Copies of the papers and presentations are available upon request. However, even when zipped the papers are almost 12 MB and the presentations close to 20 MB. I can certainly email either or both in smaller groups in order to accommodate your server.

Best regards,

Dave McGinnis
Frank Eng


UPDATE (13 July 2007)

Dear Colleagues,

As a follow-up to my recent email, I am please to say that you may access all of the passive microwave workshop documents by going to the Space Frequency Coordination Group's (SFCG's) website at: and then click on the words "Passive Microwave Workshop" highlighted in yellow located toward the bottom of the page.  Access to the documents was made possible by John Zuzek of NASA, the SFCG web coordinator, whom I owe my heartfelt appreciation.

Enjoy the papers and slides!

Best regards,