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ITWG Celebrates the Launch of Aqua

Launched by NASA on 4 May 2002, Aqua will provide new insight in our efforts to study the Earth's water cycle. Aqua serves as a complement to the previously launched Terra (launched 18 December 1999), both satellites belonging to NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS); the EOS program is dedicated to understanding the interactions between Earth'a lands, oceans, and atmosphere. NASA is most excited about Aqua's potential to improve weather forecasting.

Aqua carries six instruments:

Launch of Aqua satellite

MODIS Image Galleries

Each instrument contributes unique and valuable information that researchers will use in their quest to improve our knowledge of global climate change.

Direct Broadcast users may be interested in the International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package (IMAPP). IMAPP allows any ground station capable of receiving direct broadcast from Terra or Aqua to produce calibrated and geolocated MODIS radiances (Level 1), along with a select group of science products (Level 2). IMAPP is derived from the operational MODIS processing software developed at NASA GSFC, and is modified to be compatible with direct broadcast data. For more information, visit the IMAPP web site.