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Past Items in News and Highlights

Tribute to Paul van Delst (1966-2016)

Tribute to Izabela Dyras (1954-2007)

Passive Sensing Microwave Workshop, 1-2 May 2007

Stephen English and Allen Huang elected as New Co-Chairs (December 2006)

1st Workshop on Remote Sensing and Modeling of Surface Properties (June 2006)

Third Annual Advanced High Spectral Resolution Infrared Observations Workshop (April 2006)

Tribute to Guy Rochard (1947-2005)

Launch of NOAA-N announced (May 2005)

Microwave Frequency Protection in the News (BBC article, December 2004)

Release of RTTOV-8 (Nov. 2004)

NOAA N Prime Update (Oct. 2004)

ITSC-XIII Proceedings (May 2004)

ITSC-XIII Photo Gallery (last updated May 2004)

ITSC-XIII Working Group Report (March 2004)

Update on ITSC-XII Proceedings (March 2004)

NOAA White Paper on Climate Data Records (Nov. 2003)

NOAA-17 AMSU-A1 (Oct. 2003)

NOAA N' Accident (Sept. 2003)

ITSC-XII Report added (April 2003)

ITWG Celebrates Aqua Launch (2002)