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ITSC-XXIII: Virtual Meeting, 24 - 30 June 2021

Working Group Meetings

Please mark your calendars for the ITWG working group meetings to be held in advance of ITSC-23 on the dates shown below. Start time will be 12:00 UTC unless otherwise advertised.

Working Group Date Co‑Chairs Brief Description Documents
Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Monday, 7 June Brett Candy,
Fiona Smith
Operational and research applications of low earth orbit (LEO) sounder data in numerical weather prediction  
Climate studies Tuesday, 8 June Nathalie Selbach,
Cheng-Zhi Zou
Studies applying the long-term climate database of polar sounder data  

International Issues and Future Systems

Friday, 11 June Niels Bormann,
Peng Zhang
Cooperative actions with the international weather satellite community on issues involving polar remote sensing  
Radiative Transfer and surface property modelling Tuesday, 15 June Ben Johnson,
Marco Matricardi
Fostering the development of radiative transfer and surface models for sounder applications  
Advanced Sounders Wednesday, 16 June Dorothee Coppens,
Dave Tobin
Planning and recommendations in preparation for future instrumentation 1. Co-Chairs' Presentation (PDF)
2. PC Compression News (PDF)
5. ICI Users (PDF)
6. NOAA Next-Gen (PDF)
7. IASI-A EOL Overview (PDF)
8. Broberg AIRS EOL Tobin (PDF)
Products and Software Thursday, 17 June Nigel Atkinson,
Graeme Martin
Promoting the development and utilization of meteorological techniques and products from operational and research satellites in weather and climate applications  
Technical Sub-group Date Co‑Chairs Brief Description Documents
RTTOV/CRTM Monday, 14 June
at 15:00 UTC
James Hocking,
Ben Johnson
Discussions related to RTTOV/CRTM Technical Overview (PDF)
Future Plans (PDF)
Radio Frequency Interference Friday, 18 June Nancy Baker,
Rich Kelley
Frequency protection for the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum used for scientific and operational applications of passive remote sensing  

The co-chairs of the working groups and the technical sub-group will be sending out their own announcements regarding the arrangements for each meeting. Please note that all are welcome to attend these meetings in advance of ITSC-23.

Following the conference, an electronic copy of the Working Group Report and Proceedings will be published on the ITWG website. Your oral presentations and posters submitted to us in electronic form will be made available on the ITWG web site.

Contact Maria Vasys or Leanne Avila to be added to the ITWG email list.