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ITSC-XXIII: Virtual Meeting, 24 - 30 June 2021

Oral Presentations (with PDFs and Webex recording, updated 30 June 2021)

Poster sessions (with posters and audio files, updated 30 June 2021)

Working Agenda (updated 18 June 2021)

Working Group meetings

Agenda Information

We are pleased to announce the agenda for ITSC-23, scheduled 24-30 June 2021. The main agenda lists starting and ending times each day, the order of the oral presentations, and the poster session schedule, along with short daily breaks. The second document lists the posters in order alphabetically.

Topics for ITSC-23

Oral and poster presentations were invited on the following topics:

  1. New developments in the assimilation of sounder data including assimilation of all-sky observations and assimilation of surface-sensitive observations over land/snow/sea-ice surfaces
  2. Current challenges in assimilation and exploitation of sounder data (e.g., characterization of systematic and random observation errors)
  3. Preparations for sunset of current LEO satellites (e.g. NOAA-15, Metop-A, Aqua) and for use of future LEO satellites (e.g, Metop-SG; JPSS-2; FY-3E)
  4. Studies for future infrared and microwave sounders including small satellites
  5. Evaluation of FY-4A GIIRS impact on NWP and preparations for MTG-IRS assimilation
  6. Applications of sounder products for nowcasting
  7. Applications of sounder data in climate monitoring and reanalysis
  8. Sounder data processing software current status and preparations for future missions (Metop-SG; JPSS-2; FY-3E)
  9. Sounder data reception and dissemination services (DBNet, EUMETCAST) current status and future developments
  10. Fast radiative transfer model updates and new techniques (e.g., modeling of aerosol and cloud properties)
  11. Line-by-line model and molecular spectroscopic database developments
  12. Updates on satellite programs and international coordination/cooperation (WMO, CGMS, satellite agencies)

Following the conference, an electronic copy of the Working Group Report and Proceedings will be published on the ITWG website. Your oral presentations and posters submitted to us in electronic form will be made available on the ITWG web site.

Contact Maria Vasys or Leanne Avila to be added to the ITWG email list.