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ITSC-20 Working Group Report (PDF)


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Afternoon/evening Registration

Wednesday 28 October 2015

8:00 Registration (continues to 15:00)
Poster setup
8:30-9:00 Welcome Mitch Goldberg, Niels Bormann (ITWG Co-chairs)

Welcome by SSEC

An Overview of SSEC

Hank Revercomb
  Local Arrangements Jonathan Gero
  Review of agenda Mitch Goldberg, Niels Bormann (ITWG Co-chairs)

9:00-10:00 Session 1a: Cal/val of new and current observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Paul Menzel and Peng Zhang

1.01 Qifeng Lu FY-3C evaluation overview: CMA, ECMWF and UKMO
1.02 Nigel Atkinson The FY-3C evaluation project: microwave sounder calibration and direct broadcast experiences (paper)
1.03 Heather Lawrence Evaluating and assimilating microwave humidity sounding data from China's FY-3C MWHS-2 instrument in all-sky conditions at ECMWF
1.04 Fabien Carminati Assimilation of observations from the Microwave Humidity Sounders on board China’s FY-3B and FY-3C Meteorological Satellites (paper)

10:00-10.15 Session 1b: Cal/val of new and current observations (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Paul Menzel and Peng Zhang

1p.01 Qifeng Lu Characterizing FY-3C Microwave Temperature Sounder MWTS2
1p.02 Keyi Chen Assessment of FY-3A and FY-3B/MWHS observations
1p.03 Erin Jones Assimilating Megha-Tropiques SAPHIR Data in the NOAA GDAS
1p.04 Masahiro Kazumori Recent activities on microwave radiance data assimilation at JMA
1p.05 Stu Newman Assimilation of AMSR2 radiances at the Met Office
1p.06 Kevin Garrett (for Zaizhong Ma) HIMAWARI-8 AHI radiance assimilation with GSI at JCSDA
1p.07 Dorothee Coppens (for Bertrand Theodore) Characterisation of AHI IR channels with IASI measurements
1p.08 Sanjeev Kumar Singh The Impact of INSAT-3D Sounder Radiance Assimilation in the NCMRWF Global Forecast System (T574L64)

10:15-10:45 BREAK and poster viewing 1b

10:45-12:15Session 1c: Cal/val of new and current observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Dieter Klaes and William Bell

1.05 Sergey Uspensky An initial assessment of microwave imager/sounder MTVZA-GY data from Meteor-M N2 satellite (paper)
1.06 Alexander Polyakov IRFS-2 instrument onboard Meteor-M N2 satellite: measurements analysis (paper)
1.07 Yong Han CrIS Full Spectral Resolution SDR and S-NPP/JPSS-1 CrIS Performance Status
1.08 Fuzhong Weng Updates on Operational Processing of ATMS TDR and SDR Products
1.09 Erin Jones Assimilating New Passive Microwave Data in the NOAA GDAS
1.10 Indira Rani Impact of Megha-Tropique's SAPHIR humidity profiles in the Unified Model Analysis and Forecast System (paper)

12:15-12:30 Session 1d: Cal/val of S-NPP observations(poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs:Dieter Klaes and William Bell

1p.09 Hu Yang Antenna Emissivity Correction for ATMS Calibration Bias Characterization (paper)
1p.10 Xiaolei Zou Striping Noise Analysis and Mitigation for ATMS, GMI and MWTS Data
1p.11 Yong Chen Evaluation of Different Calibration Approaches for JPSS CrIS
1p.12 Yong Chen SI Traceable Algorithm for Characterizing Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder CrIS Noise
1p.13 Aronne Merrelli True Ringing Artifacts in Unapodized FTS Measurements
1p.14 Xiaozhen (Shawn) Xiong Update on S-NPP CrIS Full Spectral Resolution SDR Processing at NOAA/STAR (paper)
1p.15 Yi Song (for Walter Wolf) Preparation for the Full Resolution CrIS Hyperspectral Radiance Data in BUFR Format
1p.16 Likun Wang Accurate Collocation of VIIRS measurements with CrIS
1p.17 withdrawn

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster viewing 1d

14:00-14:15 Session 1e: Cal/val of new and current observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Eva Borbas and Louis Garand

1.11 Stephen English A report on the outcomes of a workshop aimed at improved understanding of biases observed in analysis of 183 GHz observations

14:15-15:00Session 2a: Radiative transfer (oral presentations - 12 minutes)Chairs: Eva Borbas and Louis Garand

2.01 Jerome Vidot High resolution IR cloudy radiances simulations : comparison between RTTOV and VLIDORT
2.02 Virginie Capelle (for Raymond Armante) Interactive use of the new generation of TIR and SWIR space-borne instruments to increase the performance of radiative transfer models, spectroscopic and atmospheric databases (4A, GEISA, TIGR, ARSA)
2.03 Cristina Lupu An evaluation of radiative transfer modelling errors in AMSU-A data

15:00-15:15 Session 2b: Radiative transfer (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Eva Borbas and Louis Garand

2p.01 James Hocking Update on RTTOV developments
2p.02 Pascale Roquet Addition of 1D-VAR retrieval to RTTOV-GUI (paper)
2p.03 Paul van Delst An update on CRTM developments
2p.04 Yingtao Ma Development of the Community Line-By-Line radiative transfer Model (CLBLM)
2p.05 Nicole Jacquinet The GEISA spectroscopic database in 2014: context and contents
2p.06 withdrawn
2p.07 Qiguang Yang Ultrafast High Accuracy PCRTM_SOLAR Model for Cloudy Atmosphere
2p.08 Olaf Stiller (for Leonhard Scheck) A fast forward operator for the assimilation of visible SEVIRI observations in KENDA-COSMO
2p.09 Cristina Lupu Monitoring infrared satellite radiance biases using the ECMWF model

15:15-15:45 BREAK and poster viewing 2b

15:45-16:30       Session 3a: Processing packages and direct broadcast applications (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Nigel Atkinson and Sergey Uspensky

3.01 Kathleen Strabala NASA International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package (IMAPP):  Supporting the Aqua and Terra Direct Broadcast Community for 15+ Years
3.02 Liam Gumley Support for NOAA, NASA, EUMETSAT, and CMA satellites and sensors in CSPP
3.03 Elisabeth Weisz Assessing Hyperspectral Retrieval Algorithms and their Products for Use in Direct Broadcast Applications (paper)

16:30-17:00       Session 3b: Processing packages (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Nigel Atkinson and Sergey Uspensky

3p.01 Allen Huang Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) - Facilitating Timely and Optimal Use of Weather Satellite Data
3p.02 Ray K. Garcia Automated Verification of CSPP SNPP SDR products
3p.03 Geoff Cureton Near Real Time Level-2 Products Via Direct Broadcast Using the CSPP-International ATOVS Processing Package (CSPP-IAPP)
3p.04 Geoff Cureton Level-2 Products in the CSPP-GEO Direct Broadcast Package
3p.05 Scott Mindock CSPP GEO Level 1 Packages
3p.06 Nick Bearson CSPP CLAVR-x
3p.07 Nick Bearson Reconstructing GOES Rebroadcast with CSPP Geo GRB
3p.08 Graeme Martin CSPP Geo support for processing GOES-R, Himawari-8 and current GOES data
3p.09 Yi Song A BUFR and GRIB Tailoring System for Satellite Operational Products
3p.10 David Hoese Polar2Grid 2.0:  An easy way to create high resolution satellite images
3p.11 Szuchia Moeller Bias Correction in CIMSS IAPP Retrieval Software
3p.12 Jessica Braun Aqua and Terra Direct Broadcast Processing at CIMSS/SSEC Using a New Merged Pass System
3p.13 Katerina Melnik Using available DB satellite processing packages for case studies in Russia

17:00 Icebreaker (boat leaves at 17:30)

Thursday 29 October 2015

08:30-9:45 Session 4a: Retrievals (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Elisabeth Weisz and Nicholas Nalli

4.01 Antonia Gambacorta Status of the NOAA hyper spectral retrieval system: algorithm development and lessons learned from recent field campaigns (paper)
4.02 Nicholas Nalli (for Quanhua (Mark) Liu) NUCAPS products validations
4.03 Thomas August The operational IASI L2 products version 6: status, applications and developments
4.04 William Smith The Retrieval of Atmospheric Profiles from Satellite Radiances for NWP Data Assimilation (paper)
4.05 Virginie Capelle Dust infrared aerosol properties observed from infrared hyperspectral sounders: Analysis of the diurnal variation

9:45-10:15 Session 4b: Retrievals (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Elisabeth Weisz and Nicholas Nalli

4p.01 Awdhesh Sharma Updates on operational sounding processing systems at NOAA/NESDIS and the exploitation of hyperspectral Sounder and microwave sounder data from CrIS/ATMS, IASI/AMSU, and ATOVS
4p.02 Bomin Sun Ongoing monitoring and analysis of NOAA-Unique CrIS/ATMS Processing System (NUCAPS) sounding products using NPROVS and its expansion
4p.03 Nadia Smith Characterizing NUCAPS retrieval quality for CO and CH4 - A step towards improving air chemistry applications
4p.04 Nadia Smith Novel Applications of Temperature Soundings in High Latitude Regions - Aviation in Alaska
4p.05 Jessica Gartzke Ten Years of CAPE Observations in the U. S. SGP from the AIRS Hyperspectral IR Sounder: Climatology, Validation, and Near-real Time Applications
4p.06 Brian Kahn (for Joao Teixeira) AIRS science: Weather, climate and applications
4p.07 Thomas August (for Tim Hultberg) Evolutions and self-organisation of the piece-wise linear regression for IASI
4p.08 Eva Borbas (for Laura Dobor) Evaluation of the S-NPP VIIRS TPW algorithm with ground based-derived measurements
4p.09 Xin Jin A Comprehensive Review of SNPP CrIS Instrument Performance and Data Quality

10:15-10:45 BREAK and poster viewing 3b, 4b

10:45-12:00 Session 5a: Assimilation of hyperspectral IR (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Fiona Smith and Luis Gustavo de Goncalves

5.01 Andrew Collard Improved use of CrIS Radiances at NCEP
5.02 William F Campbell Accounting for Correlated Satellite Observation Error in NAVGEM
5.03 Niels Bormann Enhancing the impact of IASI observations through an updated observation error covariance matrix
5.04 Hyoung-Wook Chun A physically based observation error covariance matrix for IASI
5.05 Benjamin Ruston Improvements in the Use of Humidity from Hyperspectral IR

12:00-12:15 Session 5b: Assimilation studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Fiona Smith and Luis Gustavo de Goncalves

5p.01 Fiona Smith Met Office use of CrIS, IASI and AIRS
5p.02 Reima Eresmaa Assimilation of spectrally-adjacent pairs of IASI channels
5p.03 Vincent Guidard Using realistic ozone fields for the assimilation of IASI data
5p.04 Agnes Lim (for Yan'an Liu) Assimilation of AIRS radiances in regional model and its impact of typhoon forecast
5p.05 Louis Garand Impact of inter-channel radiance observation error correlations in Environment Canada’s EnVar data assimilation system
5p.06 Heather Lawrence Scene-Dependent Observation Errors for AMSU-A in the ECMWF system

12:15-12:30 Group photo

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster viewing 5b

14:00-14:45 Session 6: NWP centre reports (poster introductions - 3 minutes: 1 slide) Chairs: Nancy Baker and Kozo Okamoto

6p.01 Andrew Collard (NCEP) (for John Derber) Progress and plans for the use of radiance data in the NCEP global and regional data assimilation systems (poster)
6p.02 Takumu Egawa (JMA) Recent developments in satellite data assimilation at JMA (poster)
6p.03 Eunhee Lee (KMA) Status and plans for satellite data assimilation at the Korea Meteorological Administration (poster)
6p.04 Mohamed Dahoui (ECMWF) Update on changes to the ECMWF NWP system since ITSC-19 (poster)
6p.05 Robin Faulwetter (DWD) (for Christina Köpken) Developments in satellite data assimilation at DWD (poster)


Sid Boukabara (JCSDA) Overview of NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Data Assimilation Activities in Support of the U.S. Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) (poster)
6p.07 Vincent GUIDARD (Meteo France) (for Jean-Francois Mahfouf) Overview of the radiance assimilation in the Meteo-France NWP models (poster)
6p.08 Bill Bell (Met Office) NWP Status Report: Upgrades in the Met Office use of satellite radiance data (poster)
6p.09 Ben Ruston (NRL) An Update on NRL Atmospheric Data Assimilation Activities (poster)
6p.10 Simon Pellerin (CMC) Status of radiance assimilation at CMC (poster)
6p.11 Fabrizio Baordo (BoM) (for Chris Tingwell) Recent upgrades to the Bureau of Meteorology ACCESS NWP system (poster)

Action Items from ITSC-19 Moderators: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

14:45-14:55 CGMS report (Mitch Goldberg) PPT PDF

14:55-15.40 Working group action items from ITSC-19 (10 minutes)

15:40-16.00 BREAK

16:00-16:40 Working group action items from ITSC-19 (10 minutes)

16:40-17:05 Special topics (10 minutes each)

17:05-17:25 Technical sub-group reports (5 minutes each)

17:25-18.30 Technical Sub-Group Meetings

19:30 Group Dinner

Friday 30 October 2015

8:30-10:00 Session 7a: Climate (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Antonia Gambacorta and Hank Revercomb

7.01 Cheng-Zhi Zou SSU Climate Data Record Verifying Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory
7.02 Martin Burgdorf Reprocessing of Fundamental Climate Data Records From Microwave Sounders
7.03 Paul Menzel The UW SSEC/CIMSS Global Clear Sky Infrared Moisture Products derived from HIRS data
7.04 Nadia Smith The consistency between measured radiance and retrieved profiles at climate scales - a study in uncertainty propagation
7.05 Jacola Roman Measurement Requirements and Current Capabilities for Satellite Remote Sensing of Precipitable Water Vapor
7.06 Timo Hanschmann Three decades of cloud properties from HIRS: a new climate dataset by CMSAF

10:00-10:15Session 7b: Climate (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Antonia Gambacorta and Hank Revercomb

7p.01 Lei Shi Deriving long-term global dataset of temperature and humidity profiles from HIRS
7p.02 W. Paul Menzel Extending the HIRS cloud record with CrIS and IASI measurements
7p.03 Nathalie Selbach (for Marc Schröder) The GEWEX water vapor assessment (G-VAP) - results from inter-comparisons and stability analysis
7p.04 Nathalie Selbach (for Marc Schröder) Climatology of free tropospheric humidity: Extension into the SEVIRI era, evaluation and exemplary analysis
7p.05 Nathalie Selbach Application of CHARMe in satellite based climate monitoring
7p.06 Nathalie Selbach Provision of Climate Data Records of the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring and User Services
7p.07 Dorothee Coppens Exploitation of SI-1 data from Meteor-28 and 29 spacecraft for climate purposes
7p.08 Niels Bormann (for Carole Peubey) Enhanced use of satellite data in the next ECMWF reanalysis ERA5
7p.09 Sergio DeSouza-Machado Geophysical Trends Derived from 12 years of AIRS Infrared Radiances: comparisons to AIRS L3 and ERA Reanalysis

10:15-10:45 BREAK and poster viewing 6 and 7b

10:45-12:00 Session 8a: Clouds (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Stephen English and Ben Ruston

8.01 Yanqiu Zhu Configuration of All-sky Microwave Radiance Assimilation in the NCEP's GFS Data Assimilation System (paper)
8.02 Haixia Liu Variational cloud-clearing with CrIS data at NCEP
8.03 Jun Li Progress on the assimilation of advanced infrared sounder radiances in cloudy skies
8.04 Reima Eresmaa Developments in clouds and aerosols detection for infrared radiance data
8.05 Kevin Garrett 1DVAR Preprocessor Applications for Satellite Data Assimilation: Quality Control, Background Adjustment, and Cloud Radiance Assimilation

12:00-12:30Session 8b: Clouds (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids)Chairs: Stephen English and Ben Ruston

8p.01 Emily Huichun Liu The Validation of Observation Operator and Single Observation Experiments for Microwave Radiances under All-sky Condition in NCEP Assimilation System (paper)
8p.02 Jason Otkin (for Sharon Nebuda) Assessing the Accuracy of Cloudy Sky Infrared and Microwave Brightness Temperatures in the GFS
8p.03 Xiaoyan Zhang Assimilation of All-sky SEVIRI Radiance Data in NCEP Hourly-update NAM System
8p.04 Reima Eresmaa (for Julie Letertre-Danczak) The detection of dust in infrared radiance spectra
8p.05 Olaf Stiller Application of observation cross-validation method to IASI cloud screening
8p.06 Thomas S. Pagano Assessing and improving IR sounder radiances in cloudy scenes using imager radiances
8p.07 Andrew Heidinger Merger of Imager and Sounder Data for Improved Cloud Height Estimation
8p.08 Andi Walther Consistency of reflected moonlight based nighttime precipitation product with its daytime equivalent
8p.09 Bozena Lapeta The quality of H-SAF ATOVS based precipitation products over Poland
8p.10 Dirceu L. Herdies Combination of Satellite Precipitation Estimates and Rain Gauge for high Spatial and Temporal Resolutions (paper)
8p.11 withdrawn  

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster viewing 8b

14:00-15:15 Session 9a: Assimilation of hyperspectral IR and impact studies (Oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Vincent Guidard and Andrew Collard

9.01 Fiona Smith Observing System Experiments with IASI Reconstructed Radiances
9.02 Marco Matricardi Toward the NWP assimilation of the full IASI spectrum: recent experience using principal component data
9.03 Javier Andrey-Andrés Assimilation of IASI radiances as from Principal Components IASI product in AROME
9.04 Mohamed Dahoui (for Tony McNally) Observation impact studies
9.05 Sid Boukabara Impact Assessment of Potential Gaps in the Satellite Constellation on NOAA’s Global NWP

15:15-15:25 Session 9b: Assimilation of hyperspectral IR and impact studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs:Vincent Guidard and Andrew Collard

9p.01 James Jung Infrared and Microwave Data Addition Observing System Experiment Impacts using the NCEP Global Forecast System
9p.02 Helena Barbieri de Azevedo Data impact assessment using G3DVAR
9p.03 Camila Cossetin Ferreira Assessing the AMSU­A impacts in the CPTEC/INPE regional ensemble prediction system
9p.04 Luis Gustavo Goncalves De Goncalves A rapid update data assimilation cycle over South America using 3DVar and EnKF

15:25-16:15 BREAK and poster viewing for 1b, 1d, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6, 7b, 8b, 9b, 10b

16:15-17:00 Session 10a: Surface studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Fuzhong Weng and Marco Matricardi

10.01 Glynn Hulley MEaSUREs High Spectral Resolution MODIS/ASTER Emissivity Database
10.02 Louis Garand Assimilation of surface sensitive infrared channels over land at Environment Canada
10.03 Niama Boukachaba Improved assimilation of IASI data over continent in the convective scale AROME model (paper)

17:00-17:30 Session 10b: Surface studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Fuzhong Weng and Marco Matricardi

10p.01 Eva Borbas A Unified and Coherent Land Surface Emissivity Earth System Data Record
10p.02 Rory Gray Development of a Dynamic Infrared Land Surface Emissivity Atlas based on IASI Retrievals

Bruna Barbosa Silveira

Assessment of the land surface microwave emissivity in the CPTEC/INPE GSI Global 3DVar Data Assimilation System
10p.04 Stu Newman Enhanced use of AMSU-A radiances over land
10p.05 Fabrizio Baordo Assimilation of microwave humidity sounding channels over sea-ice at ECMWF (paper)
10p.06 Brunna Romero Penna The role of skin temperature in the three-dimensional variational assimilation global system of CPTEC/INPE
10p.07 Suping Nie An assimilation study based on FY-3B MWRI soil moisture data using the EnKF
10p.08 Byung-il Lee Improvements to Accuracy for COMS SST and SSI products, and their Impact in KMA's NWP system
10p.09 Robert Knuteson Combined Imager and IR Sounder Observations of LST over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Saturday 31 October 2015


Working Groups (Break at 10:30-11:00)

  • Advanced Sounders (Dieter Klaes and Bill Smith)
  • Climate (Nathalie Selbach and Cheng-Zhi Zou)
  • Radiative transfer and surface properties (Marco Matricardi and Paul van Delst)
12.30 Pickup box lunches

Sunday 1 November 2015


Working Groups (Break at 10:30-11:00)

  • NWP (Fiona Smith and Andrew Collard)
  • Products and software (Nigel Atkinson and Liam Gumley)
  • International (Jerome Lafeuille and Stephen English)
12.30 Pickup box lunches
Evening Working Groups finalise reports

Monday 2 November 2015

08:30-10:00 Session 11a: Assimilation studies (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Indira Rani and Steve Swadley

11.01 James Cameron The testing and planned implementation of VarBC at the Met Office (paper)
11.02 Anna Booton An improved bias correction for SSMIS: Assimilation Assessment (paper)
11.03 Tanya Maurer Assimilation Impacts of SSMIS Upper Atmosphere Soundings with Improved Orbital Bias Predictors in NAVGEM
11.04 Takumu Egawa Assimilation of ATMS radiances into the JMA's global NWP system
11.05 Hyojin Han Improving tropical cyclone forecasts by assimilating microwave sounder cloud-screened radiances and the GPM precipitation measurements
11.06 Olaf Stiller Cross-validation methods for quality control, cloud screening, etc.

10:00-10:15 Session 11b: Assimilation studies (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Indira Rani and Steve Swadley

11p.01 Nancy Baker An Assessment of the Impact of DMSP SSMIS Microwave Sounder and Imager Assimilation for Global Numerical Weather and Wave Forecasting
11p.02 Stephen Macpherson Assimilation of ATMS data at Environment Canada
11p.03 Jinlong Li A near real time regional satellite data assimilation system for high impact weather studies
11p.04 Pei Wang The impact of the high temporal resolution GOES/GOES-R moisture information on severe weather systems in a regional NWP model
11p.05 Wei Han Constrained bias correction for satellite radiance assimilation in limited area model considering model diurnal bias
11p.06 Roger Randriamampianina Towards operational use of satellite radiances in an Arctic mesoscale model
11p.07 Patrik Benacek Radiance bias correction in LAM
11p.08 Robin Faulwetter Feedback processes between radiances and the ICON model
11p.09 Mohamed Dahoui Automatic data checking system at ECMWF

10:15-10:45 BREAK and poster viewing 11b

10:45-12:15 Session 12a: Validation and applications of sounding data (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Sid Boukabara and Thomas August

12.01 Xavier Calbet Consistency for water vapour between GRUAN RS92 Sondes, LBLRTM and IASI
12.02 Bomin Sun Characteristics of radiosonde observations and their impact in satellite sounding product validation
12.03 Xavier Calbet (for Tony Reale) Integrating Uncertainty in Atmospheric Profile Validation
12.04 Michelle Feltz Comparisons of IR Sounder and COSMIC RO Temperatures: Guidance for CrIS NUCAPS Validation
12.05 Chris Barnet The use of temperature and water vapor profiles for weather applications: recent activities in the NOAA/JPSS Proving Ground
12.06 Joe K. Taylor Calibration Validation Of The Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) With The Aircraft Based Scanning High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (S-HIS)

12:15-12:25 Session 12b: Validation and applications of sounding data (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Sid Boukabara and Thomas August

12p.01 Bomin Sun (for Tony Reale) GCOS Reference Upper Air Network
12p.02 Bill Bell The EU's GAIA-CLIM project
12p.03 Jonathan Gero Sea-based Infrared Radiance Measurements of Ocean and Atmosphere from the ACAPEX/CalWater2 Campaign
12p.04 Vincent Guidard Atmospheric profile retrievals from IASI in the framework of the Concordiasi campaign

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

13:30-14:00 Poster viewing 12b

14:00-14:30 Session 13: Space agency reports (Space agency poster introductions - 5 minutes: 2 slides) Chairs: Allen Huang and Jerome Lafeuille

13p.01 Peng Zhang Fengyun meteorological satellites and their contribution to NWP (poster)
13p.02 Dieter Klaes

EUMETSAT Systems and Plans (poster)

13p.03 Alexander Uspenskiy Russian meteorological polar satellite Meteor-M N2: instrument performance assessment and data applications (poster)
13p.04 Mitch Goldberg NOAA Report on Current and Planned Activities (poster)
13p.05 Kozo Okamoto Status report of space agency: JMA and JAXA (poster)

14:30-15:30 Session 14a: Future observations (oral presentations - 12 minutes) Chairs: Allen Huang and Jerome Lafeuille

14.01 Hank Revercomb The Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI): Capable of climate Benchmark quality IR measurements from a CLARREO Pathfinder on ISS
14.02 Eric Pequignot IASI-NG processing overview
14.03 Agnes Lim Impact Analysis of LEO Hyperspectral Sensor IFOV size on the next generation high-resolution NWP model forecast performance
14.04 Brian H. Kahn Why observe temperature, water vapor, and cloud structures with high-spectral-resolution infrared observations at 1-km horizontal scales?

15:30-15:45 Session 14b: Future observations (poster introductions - 1 minute: no visual aids) Chairs: Allen Huang and Jerome Lafeuille

14p.01 Bjorn Lambrigtsen The development of a U.S. geostationary microwave sounder
14p.02 Francisco Bermudo IASI-NG Program: General Status Overview
14p.03 Adrien Deschamps Strategy for the validation of IASI-NG Level 1 processing
14p.04 Myriam Peyre (for Javier Andrey-Andrés) Evaluation of IASI-NG impact on NWP and atmospheric chemistry compared to IASI
14p.05 Denis Tremblay Correlated and Uncorrelated noise of the JPSS-1 Crosstrack Infrared Sensor (CrIS)
14p.06 Byung-il Lee (for Su Jeong Lee) Evaluation of sounding capability of the next generation Imager of Korea using the Advanced Himawari Imager data
14p.07 Zhenglong Li Exploring Value-added Impact from Geostationary Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder on Hurricane Forecasts

15:45-16:45 BREAK and poster viewing 10b, 11b, 12b, 13, 14b

17:00-17:30 Working groups finalise reports

19.00 Banquet, including
  • Presentation of prizes for best oral and poster presentations
  • ITWG: past, present and future with our former co-chairs

Tuesday 3 November 2015

9:00-10:15 Session 15: Working Group Reports (15 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

10:15-10:45 BREAK

10:45-12:00 Session 15: Working Group Reports (15 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

12:00-12:30 Session 16: Technical Sub-Group Reports (5 minutes) Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann

12:30-12:45 Closing Session Co-chairs: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann