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ITSC-24: Tromsø, Norway, 16 - 22 March 2023

2022 Interim Working Group Meetings

ITSC-23: Virtual Meeting, 24 - 30 June 2021

ITSC-23 Working Group Report

Working Group Meetings

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Previous ITSC Meetings

Map of ITSC locations

ITSC-22 Saint-Sauveur, Québec, Canada November 2019
ITSC-21 Darmstadt, Germany December 2017
ITSC-20 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA October 2015
ITSC-19 Jeju Island, South Korea March 2014
ITSC-18 Toulouse, France March 2012
ITSC-17 Monterey, California, USA April 2010
ITSC-16 Angra dos Reis, Brazil May 2008
ITSC-15 Maratea, Italy October 2006
ITSC-14 Beijing, China May 2005
ITSC-13 Sainte Adele, Québec, Canada October 2003
ITSC-12 Lorne, Australia February 2002
ITSC-11 Budapest, Hungary September 2000
ITSC-10 Boulder Colorado, USA January 1999
ITSC-9 Igls, Austria February 1997
ITSC-8 Queenstown, New Zealand April 1995
ITSC-7 Igls, Austria February 1993
ITSC-6 Airlie, Virginia, USA May 1991
ITSC-5 Toulouse, France July 1989
ITSC-4 Igls, Austria March 1988
ITSC-3 Madison, Wisconsin, USA August 1986
ITSC-2 Igls, Austria February 1985
ITSC-1 Igls, Austria August 1983

Proceedings for all ITSC Meetings
New Resource: TOVS Conference Proceedings from 1983- Present!
The repository includes full papers as PDFs, abstracts, powerpoint presentations, and the full conference reports.